MBTA's Coaching Classes are specially designed to bring out excellence in every participant through its well-defined structure, expert coaches and, of course, personal attention.


MBTA conducts special corporate tennis programs which will focus on the following aspects:

  • - Team Building
  • - Leadership Skills
  • - Strategic Thinking
  • - Mental Toughness


MBTA offers multiple academy programs that can be customised to suit the needs and requirements of trainees in different age and skill brackets.

  • - Beginner Level Program
  • - Intermediate Program
  • - Advanced Program

These programs have been conceived and put into practice by the MBTA panel of tennis experts to mentor and guide the trainees as well as to highlight and develop their skills.


MBTA has a comprehensive 36 week program and syllabus for kids up to Class 5. This program is integrated into the student’s daily school curriculum thereby giving him the opportunity to develop sports skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle through sport. This program focuses on the following:

  • - Tennis Skills
  • - Motor Skills
  • - Neuro-Muscular Coordination
  • - Fitness and Health

At the end of the academic year and program, each student is tested and evaluated on their physical ability and skill. Assessment reports of each trainee are prepared and provided to the school and parents.


MBTA conducts one week long high intensity camps for its students across India. These camps provide the students an opportunity to improve their game considerably. It gives them the platform and exposure to realize their full potential. Depending on the level of playing, the students also undergo a tennis fitness program which will help them in their game.


jCF For players seeking an opportunity to train abroad, MBTA has joined hands with the JCF Equelite Sports Academy. Based in Villena, Spain. The JCF academy prides itself as a worldwide renown high-performance academy, offering a world class experience for young aspiring champions, and an opportunity to learn from the best.


Progressive Tennis

  • Ryan International School, Bangalore PT 1
  • Ryan International School, Bangalore PT 2
  • Ryan International School, Bangalore PT 3
  • Ryan International School, Bangalore PT 4
  • Ryan International School, Bangalore PT 5
  • Ryan International School, Bangalore PT 6
  • Ryan International School, Bangalore PT 7

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